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Default Re: Popular Mechanics

Actually Stone...i was saying and posting these things before most.

I was one of the first to point out the jet engine blast and aircraft slip stream would have killed most of these so called witnesses.

Check out this little MPEG...

It's most probably you being pulled around by the nose.

The evidence is clear.

No passenger airline hit the Penatagon.

I believe there's video of a news reporter on the scene immediately after the crash stating as far as he knew NO airliner hit the building.

As for the vids you want to pull apart. Never watched them.

I've worked with explosives and worked extensively melting metals.

Take one look at those WTC support beams. Take a good look. Can anyone really believe these all simultaneously buckled and snapped at the same time?

Jet fuel is nothing but highly refined kerosine. Most of it went out the other side of the building. Just let your eyes do the work.

The aircraft is made of lightweight aircraft aluminium. It's structure was severly compromised before it hit the central support beams and would have done little damage.

There are alot of people telling people at the moment what to watch and what not to.

Just use your eyes and your own critical faculties.
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