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"Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner said 26 leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq had been killed or captured in operations in May and June across the country."

Add these 26 leaders of al Qaeda to the list of those previously captured or killed. Do they have a running total? How do they know these people they capture and/or kill are al Qaeda leaders or members? Do they wear identification tags?

Remember, the pictures and names of the terrorists involved in the 911 attack and how quickly they were released through the media?

They just happen to know WHO they are. They just happen to have their pictures. They just happen to know Bin Laden's whereabouts. They just happen to know al-Qaida's movements. They just happen to know when and what kind of attack they have planned next.

Sounds to me like THEY know everything about this terrorist cell. Almost as if they're a part of it. Almost as if they've infiltrated it.
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