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Default Re: Popular Mechanics

Well, I actually bothered to read the PM article.

I was truly amazed. There argumants were pathetic. Absoloutly pathetic.

They could have just written..."shut up shut up the official version is correct!"

Stone, i dont know why you even bothered reading it.

The evidence is there for all to see right in front of your eyes.

Whatever the mild shortcomings of independent analysis they are still all over the pathetic and infantile denials of the talking heads on the telly and in this case some website called PM that tells us it's consulted the 'experts'.

The 'experts' are the new sacred caste of priests that try to tell us the Sun revolves around the Earth.

They're the same ones that explained the 'majic bullet theory' with some fancy physics. As Jim Garrison said..."these same people say they can prove an elephant can hang over a cliff with it's tail tied to a daisy. Use your eyes, your common sense".

I have spoken with people in the explosives field. A common reply is..."sure looks like a demoloition to me".

And so it was.
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