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Default Re: Malicious e-Mails

The best security is just being EXTRA careful and vigilent.

You seem to all have that down.

I agree they seem to be pretty lax on this. I truly believe they are trying to make the net as unsafe as possible so as to offer the soloution of thumbscanning log on or some other device for control.

All details of your computers components are sent to microsoft whenever you make contact with them. Tracking an I.P is simply a matter of tracking it down no matter how many times they hide always leads back to the source.

They could stop it tomorrow.

I suffered numerous problems once I began down this road in earnest after 9-11. Especially when i did some bits and peices of work for well known web sites just converting stuff to web format.

I was reformatting once every 3 months. I kid you not. My friends are XP/Linux professionals and they finally camee to the conclusion I was being professionally targetted. They could not explain my problems including a sudden blue screen and a hard drive going clunk power supply probs etc...just died. Happened 3 times. I still have the same computer and now I have no probs.

I've had 6 months so far of trouble free computing.

I use SpyBot seach and destroy.

Zone Alarm..i highly recommend though I hear it was bought out recently by the same Israeli company that bought out the people getting info off the WTC computer hard disks so...cut off all outgoings except Generic Host Processes, internet etc... At least make them ask for permission first. You would be amazed (especially if you have ADSL) how many programs are getting on the net without your knowledge.

Use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

A 4 port router.

I dont use a virus scanner. I dont open attachments except from those I know. No forwarded joke stuff etc...

Definately NO file sharing software! Sorry Bear Share. If you must, get a multi port router and a dirt cheap computer for stealing music. If it goes down it will be a simple reinstall.
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