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There is a thread on the front page, poster is Barbra.

It speaks to UHF's and the testing of these energy directed weapons back in the 50's.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Burning of skin was mentioned.

Some of them looked like laser guns. Others were bright lights and perhaps these were used on my eyes to cause damaging effects later in life.

I posted on this thread about various light forms being used on my skin; Ultra-violent light rays twice as damaging as the sun's rays. Effects to be visible over time. Aging process accelerated and the possibility of "skin cancer."

The falsehood is that "sunscreen" protects against all of the sun's rays. This is not true. It cannot protect you against the UV2 rays.

People wear sun screen, stay out in the sun longer and are still exposed to the most damaging rays from the sun.

Whether it is protection 15, 30, 40, it doesn't matter. It cannot block out UV2 rays. I wonder if that is their agenda?

Causing skin cancer, accelerating the aging process and eliminating the ability to receive Vitamin D from the sun.

So, are they selling us a bunch of BS and making a ton of money in the process?

Exposing your skin to the sun and receiving Vitamin D is essential.

Your skin can become accustomed to sun exposure without using sunscreen for short periods of time and without suffering the effects of skin cancer or pre-cancerious legions.

These weapons can produce burning "sensations" without visible effects.

Tingling sensations;

Double vision;

Blurry vision;

Heart palpatations;


Digestive disorders;

Swollen eyes;

Some of which I have experienced in the past and recently. Some family members included.


Numbing in extremities;

The list goes on and on.
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