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Default Re: National or International, It's Still SOCIALISM

Yes, the truth of WW2 is yet to be written.

It disturns me that the reactionary/fundamentalist/one sided NWO view of the world is being challenged by a reactionary/fundamentalist/one sided whatever view of the world.

Each is a mirror of the other.

Rush you seem to be heading it.

Hitler was an arsehole. A user. A cynic. A lackey and outright liar. He was the puppet thrust forward by other users, cynics, lackey's and outright liars.

He was human. And often in good company he was unusually charming.

Stalin far outweighed him in the murderous swine stakes.

Whatever... they were statist, command and controllers who were ultimately working for others (you know who).

There is a disturbing trend towards us all liking Hitler.

Yes, the lies and exaggerations about the war and the 'holocaust' need re-examining. Making excuses for Hitler and his ilk is a reactionary response to the lies and is just as bad.

Rush, Hitler was the actor and deciever par excellance. Stalin was simply feared. A whole peoples were conned fully by the greatest actor of all time backed by a superb propaganda departmentwhich in tern was financed by Rockerfella man Mr Peabody.

Hitler was funded by the exact same forces that financed Communism.

Nomad, Tesla is the greatest mind of our time and also a great humanitarian. His time will come.
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