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Default Is march break 9 11 part 2?

Hey everbody .. I have been away for quite some time. I have just read Henry's "Confessions Of A 'Crackpot'"
and I felt compelled to type some thoughts.

I have been making a connection between all the so called terrorist strikes on US soil since '
93's World Trade Center failed mission.
That was a precedent to blame Muslims, an FBI job that was shitty from start to end.
Middle class - Firemen , police men , security
Upper class - office workers
White America*
In 95 we had Tim "osmond" McVeigh who "acted" alone and blew up the OKC building.
City employees
Graphic photo's of children from the day care center that blurred reality into an emotional frenzy of hatred against patriotic militants and militias. Most militias have knowledge of the NWO and its strangle hold on reality.
Could have been blamed on Iraqis , or other targets that needed to be taken care of.

Columbine School shootings and the John Lee Malvo sniper case seem very shady. These cases fit perfect with all anti gun laws ever imagined by the NWO and its counter parts.

9-11 The icing on an illuminati cake.
A forever war against the "axis of evil" who are actually more free than most people know, the US military is being used to gobble up the rest of the planet in the name of democracy. Only to have fake elections and CIA presidents installed in any of the newly conquered states.

9-11 was an attack on all americans ... there was no racial motive behind it except for the war in the middle east that is for OIL so it can GREASE the NWO war machine and gouge north americans before we give up on our own governments and buy into technology that is not petroleum based.

Alex Jones view on the "drug war" has been the best so far. Cocaine and Heroin shipped in from all over the world to be sold on the streets of USA. Get your kids addicted ... they goto jail and you have a prison "slave labour" economy.

They are plotting against you right now.

Which brings me into the DRAFT that they plan on not issuing.
It would lead me to believe that the "terrorists"
are going to strike soon. .. possibly march break with bio chems or a dirty bomb.

Location ... possibly any site having college or university students getting crazy and blowing off some steam.

It would seem logical to target your prime cannon fodder for the next attack.
You could survive the "terrorist" strike and think ... "hey that could have been me" .. you might feel sorrow .. lucky to be alive .. angry!
You might not notice the news stating they were Iranian .. or North Korean ... who ever is next on the NWO chopping block.. and that its DRAFT time.

Remember Osama's promise .... he would not strike any state that voted for John Kerry.

and thats just a ThoKhanCept

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