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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!


As Bugs Bunny once said " Of course you know this means war"
Now you are going to get it.
Your kind is what the NWO is made of. You bring in no good response except to label a countervailing opinion with merit, privately acknowleged as valid by several other famous scientists who are afraid of the establishment or losing their paychecks/pensions if they speak out, you label it only silly.
You want the admin. to suppress/delete
unpopular information. You are NWO material. YOU GET OFF THIS WEBSITE FOREVER! DO YOU HERE ME?
You do not have one ten-trillionth of the knowledge of Dr. Neville Jones, Oxford scholar or Marshall Hall
who's websites I quoted.
For you to diss those two websites and is the height of arrogance. You are a nothing, an intellectual
ant compared to Marshall Hall and Neville Jones of the two websites I quoted.

Good Riddance
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