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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

bambam wrote:
nomad wrote:
Tesla gave more than any singule human being
to the advancement of humanity and nobody knows
he who is ... Einstein gave nothing tangible and
he is hailed as the greatest ???
Could you please elaborate on your statement?

Telsa gave the world AC electricty ... look

around you now and see how useful this was ...

incredibly soon after he electrified Niagara Falls

instead of accepting the accolades of the world

he said that it should be destroyed in favor of

a WIRELESS electricity distibution system ... his

reasoning was simple ... he put together the

ENTIRE electrical system the entire planet uses

TODAY so he knew the pros and cons about it ...

he patented the generation, the distribtion and

motors that use AC electricity ... as great as

this was, Telsa knew that 1/2 to 2/3 of the

electricity was lost in this system ... whereas

with wireless only 2 to 3% of the generated power

is lost ... hence his reasing to go WIRELESS ...

not to mention removing the UGLY electricity poles

littering the plantet everywhere ...

Nikola Tesla also gave the world the RADIO system

in use TODAY all over the world ... Is radio

free ??? ... so ONE of Telsa's idea was to give

you radio AND the electricity to POWER it

AT THE SAME TIME and FREE ... now imagne this

system with ALL radios, tvs, cars, boats,

trains, airplanes, appliances etc and you will

get a SMALL understanding of some of the things

that are being blocked by the NWO.
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