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Default Where is the love?

For The Love of Many Shall grow Cold in those days.

Where is the Love at? There is the love of Family, life, God, etc.. But I ask, What happened to this mysterious force which supposed to bind us together?

This "mysterious force," did not the CREATOR establish it for eternity? Why has the love of many grown cold? Does not the LOVE force drive the human spirit?

Love of money-Love of scandal-Love of the sinful heart-Love, Love, LOVE! who are you to question the force? the force which sustains us all.

This force is growing cold because of the "opposite-force" of HATE, the two cannot come to terms, one will prevail,,as is written from the foundation of Earth.

Which force shall guide your path? that which sustains, or that which destroys? Many see the truth here, yet cannot come to terms of agreement, because of the hate-force. this hate force is blooming in the internet, yes, a very cold-calculated force of biblical proportions grows steadily before your eyes, do you see it?

Conquering the hate-force...
So how do we conquer this "hate-force?"

very simple indeed, when we learn that the EVIL powers that be are behind the hate-force, we must counter attack with the LOVE-FORCE, the force that the illuminist satanist of the world so profoundly cannot bear to see! it is LOVE! They so hate the tremendous force of LOVE they tremble in their shoes, They so hate the force their countermeasures vaporize before their COLD DARK SOULS OF HATE!

ME Versus The NWO!

To be continued... :-x

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