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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

You forgot his greatest invention...the radio controlled boat!

Tesla actually invented radio control.

Tesla was simply amazing. His life too is extremely interesting.

He was taken up by George Westinghouse when J.P Morgan and Edison tried to swindle him. I have alot of respect for George Westinghouse. Possibly a true capitalist unlike Morgan, a banker cartelist and litteral socialist/marxist.

Remember that J.P Morgan financed the Rockafella's. When Morgan died it's been said that %80 of his holdings were held by Rothchild interests.

Read Anthony Sutton for great original and excellently documented work on the financing of Hitler and the Bolsheviks by Wall Street.

These same forces are financing China and others as we speak.

Forget about friction between the Elites of these countries. At Davos, CFR and Bilderberg meetings they get along just fine.

They'll make a stink in front of the camera's for effect but I assure you...WE'RE the enemy.

They spend long hours over congac and Cuban cigars, comfy in Chesterfield lounges, working out the next scam to get their individual local populations under control and distracted from the fact they're living and working in shit.

One way to keep power centralised and the peasants distracted is to talk of war. The vast Chinese peasant class is kept focussed on beating the U.S economically and away from the vast corruption and nepotism of a litteral criminal political class. The same is done in the U.S by talking of war with...EVERYONE!

It wont happen. I think they have more clever cards to play.

We believe in vast and elaborate conspiricies of this and that and yet cant grasp that the Elite Plutocrats of the various blocks keep us distracted with their name calling when in fact they get along just fine.

I see I have digressed.

Tesla not only developed, he refined an incredible amount of technology and made it better. He often did'nt even bother to patent and often helped other scientists with no acknowledgment.

He also cared deeply about the human race.

I would'nt be surprised if a Hollywood production was on it's way. Big budget.

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