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Protocol, they had black skin and live on the white mans resources. What did you expect?

If the world has a beaten and abused child it's Africa.

The torture and rape of that country goes on and on and on and is about to increase even more.

I've heard good reports about the movie.

In the end a bunch of people high on the local stimulent went completely nutty and the U.N looked on and shrugeed it's shoulders.

I've talked with Oz peace keepers who went there and they said it was simply unbelieveable. Bodies absoloutly everywhere. Men, women, did'nt matter. Who needs a horned devil when acts like this go on.

The sad fact is when challenged, the gutless 'children hackers' ran like scared rabbits.

They could have stopped it in 5 minutes.

The same with East Timor. The Oz army was chamfing at the bit to have a go at the militia who were hacking civilians to death. Howard dithered here and there before finally commiting.

If the Indo's touched the North West Oil and gas fields the Army would be their in 10 minutes invading Jakarta.

How sad the private property of the Elite gets instant protection but Gods creation can die in droves.

BTW...I cant comment on Vialls work. It's possible. However, like in East Timor, most of the killing was done by tribesmen off their head on the local amphetamine equivilent.

When Oz troops went into Timor their were piles of syringes 2 feet high left around including in the Indo military barracks....Amphetamine. It's hard to kill people straight. Alcohol and since WW2 amphetamines have always been used.
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