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Default Re: Is march break 9 11 part 2?

Thokhancep...thats a reasonable analysis.

However, they are on the backfoot. They may be moving away from terrorism. The facade that it is, is falling apart around the world.

They may be moving to more sophisticated scams. Lets face it. 9-11 was a thrown together hodge podge which relied heavily on a silent mainstream media.

There's no way they'll risk a large scale attack on home soil. There would be mutiny in the Intelligence community and Military ranks.

The very forces they seek to unleash may swallow them also.

It's possible they may even backdown with Bush simply being replaced with a NWO Liberal stooge leaving people breathing a sigh of relief. The police state will stay.

They'll keep pin pricking away with war in the M.E until they are sure of how to move forward.

They will definately have to take down the net first.

Ultimately it will be all or nothing this year.

Their will be no draft. The draft has been coming for 2 years. There is too much public support against it. The U.S public particularly is at least 60/40 dead against further war. It wont happen.

Watch for virus's on the Eurasian land mass particularly China. The Chinese Elites need the public health emergency desperately. Their locals are extremely restless and need to be distracted urgently.

The only way war will happen with Iran is if they're framed for using a WMD in the M.E with U.S or Israeli casualties high. Tactical nukes will then be used.


P.S I stupidly forgot a simple economic collapse with Police State chaser. Very simple and very effective.
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