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with all the discussing and reading we do, how do you see the NWO on a personal scale in regard to you.
what is it that you personally feel that will affect you negatively. forget for a moment the war, the 9/11, satanic cults/what-have-you, your religious beliefs, the media and the horrible images they bring us everyday, kidnapping, etc, etc. what is it that bothers you in regards to YOU---your identity. i've noticed on the site that that seems to be quite a topic. what is the problem with that exactly?
why do I ask this?
some folks feel that as time goes by, a reorganization, change, etc. is necessary.
some are not at least worried about id cards, or new id numbers, finger print id, eye scans, or other related identification means. as well,
people do not feel that they will be taken under control against their religious beliefs. no one
can do that. perhaps the general agenda
of "marking" us is not for evil purposes. don't get me wrong, there are alot of evil minds
burning the midnight oil, however for the
purpose of an identity control system--there must be something to give identity in a peoples in a money/materialistic world. it seems to me that on this site the only time one is concerned about terror, child abuse, 9/11, religious persecution, dumbing of our children, weapons, ufos, super technology, foreign affairs, oil/Bush, occult/masonry is when it is used for tabloid type of discussion, sensationalism. i'm sorry folks, but you seem to forget that it is people who create these things. leave god, satan, lucifer, allah, jehovah, yahweh, devil, baphomet, etc out of it. we've been giving excuses long enough. as far as a second-coming--well, you need to stop waiting for that too. read the bible carefully--over and over a few times, then you'll get it. too often i've read that some of you feel that the only way to rid the world of these things is through your lord. so what is this that you hate, fear, dispise, about the nwo in regards to you. is it something so petty as an id system? c'mon, is that really it?
then my friends, you outta not be in these forums. though i do find them interesting, and i am not in any shape or form part of the people behind the nwo, i tell you this, none of you are here for any other reason than to fill yourselves up with this nwo sensationalism. be truthful to yourselves. you've created a rich world for some people, and then you complain about personal identity, money, cost of living, and such. you don't care as long as you have your home, your vehicle, food, a job, a few buds, and you're on happy street. so if that's the case, that is exactly where they will let you stay. don't worry. don't forget they might not love you, but they love your money. you'll figure out how to keep them of your backs with that, otherwise keeping tabs and record of your identity just lets them know if you are slacking off.

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