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Default Re: Where is the love?

redrat11 wrote:

What I will write here I sincerly hope you learn from.

1. I'm not B. Springsteen!

You said you were Bruce Springsteen, my tormentor.

2. They are taken words out of context.

Saying that you are Bruce Springsteen, my tormentor are words that cannot possibly be taken out of context. I have stated he was my handler from the past.

3. this is what happens when loons lose their minds, they "imagine" things that are not real.

This is what happens when you state that you are Bruce Springsteen. You are a loon, either way.

Now with that said I will say that YES! I REDRAT11 did write those words, But only jokingly because BA continues to GHOST me on this forum,

No one is ghosting you on this forum.

the record will show that she is absolutely OBSESSED with my writings for some unknown reason only she knows, for GOD'S sake all anyone has to do is take a look at all my threads here, BA always adds her 2 cents in EVERY thread! (nothing wrong with that,)

What record? Do you think you're in a court of law or something? When someone continually states that another person is obsessed with them, it only proves their obsession with the person whom they are accusing of being obsessed with them. I do not always add my two cents to your threads.

however because of the nature of the internet, and the lack of perception by posters, you end up with people like BA, now she has a right to post all she wants but, does'nt it seem odd that (well, not odd, but down right insane,) how people become obssesed with this internet thing?

You seem odd.

I come here to post about the NWO, as I see it, and as I percieve it, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!

And if your curious BA, your lack of perception and lack of control, and for that matter lack of honesty really does'nt bother me, it's your mis-guided decievement, and lack of reality that puzzles me not!

Actually, I'm not curious.

So the lesson is, people, this is the internet! remember? expect the unexpected, (albeit, not from me!) I need not hide from anybody? 8-)
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