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Default Re: Where is the love?

RedRat is somewhat like Shadow. Everything he accuses another poster of doing is exactly how he is conducting himself.

Blue Angel has snapped...

Now why would RedRat continually remark that I have snapped. Apparently, something he is hoping for. I wonder what the reason for that would be. Is it because he's Bruce Springsteen?

listen lady, chill out, get away from the computer, go out and get some fresh air. then when your ready, do behave.

I have no intention of getting away from the computer.

P.S. nobody is interested in "mind-control," they are already controlled by the internet remember, sort of like you. you do remember I wrote a entire thread about it. And sure enough another OBSESSED poster with me IGNT haunted me for a great amount of time also. (I never forget!)

I'm not controlled by anyone or anything and there is much interest in MY STORY and mind control. Oh, here he goes. IGWT was obsessed with RedRat, too.

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