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I read the lyrics to "Come Tomorrow," too.

Sounds like Patti Scailfa is sleeping with someone who is married, but, then again, she's married, too.

How 'bout the song where she commits the ultimate sin and sleeps with a young BOY!?!

It's standard practice in the "music(al) industrial complex. They all sleep with each other.

I don't need to elaborate as to the "sex slave" business within the music industry and the young boys and girls incarcerated to fulfill the sexual deviant behavior of the musicians and play the role of a "muse."

Come on! Take a look at Hollywood. Look at the music industry. It ain't NO secret.

Most of them are TRAMPS!!

Think about their children. Those who are a part of the "satanic cult" do the same to their children that was forced on them.


Patti Scailfa got what she wanted.

Riding on Springsteen's shirttails.

As I've questioned. What is wrong with that woman? Allowing her adolescent daughter to wear a t-shirt that speaks to ORAL SEX as described in Springsteen's song, "Red-headed Woman."

What is wrong with Springsteen? We already know the answer to that.

Raised in the cult. Worships the Devil. No morals. No conscious. No redeeming values.

She's not referred to as Mrs. Bruce Springsteen.

But, as Patti Scailfa. Whoever the hell that is.

Patti Scailfa got what she wanted and Springsteen got what he deserves.

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