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Default Re: Government Official Says 9/11 Directed Energy Weapon Research "Worthy"

Some Evidence for Weapons using Energy that is Directed on 9/11

Round cylindrical holes in WTC 5 and WTC 6:

Clean vertical cut on north wing of WTC 4, where all material on other side of cut is missing:

WTC 4 cut in direct path of South Tower's north wall:

Cars with missing engine blocks and unexploded gas tanks:

Front of police car toasted while rear in pristine condition. Plastic red light on top survived:

Front of fire truck wilted. Where did its engine go?

Tower's steel core turned to dust: [Video 1], [Video 2], [Video 3]

See Dr Judy Wood's 9/11 DEW Research: -- Download her latest radio interviews in the News Section.
(MP3 Hotlink: Fetzer/Wood - July 19, 2007)

Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)

Molecular Dissociation: from Dust to Dirt
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