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Default Re: Government Official Says 9/11 Directed Energy Weapon Research "Worthy"

No one knows for sure exactly what mechanisms were used to bring down the towers.

However, I think we know for sure that it didn't involve aircraft only.

As far as "Energy Directed Weapons," I wasn't
implying these were used.

I noted that this person refers to the "Star Wars" program as involving these secret, silent and invisible weapons (Energy Directed Weapons).

My memory recalls, as I've written on this site under a thread titled, "Star Wars," that the program was, of course, not what they implied.

Reagan asked for our Prayers. That's a giveaway.

That said, if these weapons are used from space as the "Star Wars" program was described for interception; to take out; destroy a missile, etc. targeted at the US, then we have to wonder what else they can be and have been used for.

They are capable of blowing their target to smitheriens (sp?). Leaving dust and ashes in their wake. Melting steel. Please note: Memory recall.
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