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Don't you love it when a group of men sit around conversing amongst one another as to Springsteen's looks?

They like the scruffy look he wears of late.

OKAY, whatever!

Don't you just love it when they make false statements about Springsteen; such as:

"He's a working class man's hero."


What's he done for the working class?

How'd he get this HERO label?

What did he do?

He's done much to keep himself out of the working class category like selling his soul to the devil. He's been raking in millions for decades for the wealthy elitists and the "musical industrial complex."

He's a tool they use.

So, what has Springsteen done for the working class?

Nothing, you say. Just what I thought.

What he has done is written non-sensical songs about working at a gas station, refinery, etc., etc.

You know, those make-believe characters he invents to connect with the working class so he appears to be one of them.

Don't you just love it when someone says Springsteen looks like an elder statesman?


How does an elder statesman look?

Bedraggled and tired like he does?

What's the benefit of looking like an elder statesman, anyway?

Does it make you one?

Don't you love it when someone says that Springsteen is aging well.

Have you looked at recent pictures of him or do you spend your time trapped in the past, as is evident, looking at pictures of him from 30 plus years ago?

Even then he was just average looking.

I wonder the extent of his cosmetic enhancers and hair plants.
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