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Well, now, for clarity. I think the song "Come Tomorrow, by Patti Scailfa, so it says, was released while she was married to Springsteen, but quite possibly about her affair with him while he was married to Julianne.

Like I said, they're well-suited for each other.

But, as far as the break-up of the E Stree Band which I think was after Tunnel of Love, while Springsteen was cheating on Julianne with Patti, maybe it was just decided that the music industry didn't want to keep them on the payroll. It was reported that they received compensation, but as far as their careers, I'm sure this left them in limbo and they haven't really been all that successful on their own.

Perhaps, they thought SOLO Springsteen would be just as good.

Or, maybe the course of his music/lyrics were changed with his marriage to Patti Scailfa.

For good reason, maybe they had to be. You know, certain songs carrying triggers, disinformation as if they're about her.

Don't know.

Don't really care.

Springsteen's works are credited to him other than Live in New York City with the E Street Band and maybe a few others.

They've always been a "Sessions Band."

They come in when needed.
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