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Default Re: Einstein the Plagiarist

Remember that J.P Morgan financed the Rockafella's. When Morgan died it's been said that %80 of his holdings were held by Rothchild interests.

that's right Truebeliever and all his friends

were surprised at how little Morgan actually

had in wealth after he died ... and yes

remote control is awesome isn't it ? ... that

robot would be useless on Mars without Tesla's

technology ... Jewish Hollywood wants to

brainwash us with Jewish dummies like

Einstein ... if they ever make a movie it will be

BS and make him look like a mad scientist.

Remember the role of Hollywood is to distract

the world from what's important, dumb it down

distort history and reality in things favorable

to the NWO ... Telsa was blacklisted in his time

for all the textbook printers of his time by the

NWO and they continue to blacklist him today in

favor of useless science.
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