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Oh, the drama behind this CD! The hype!

It's just a CD forgoodnesssakes!

They've got everybody who follows him chomping at the bit.


Anyway, as far as successful bands breaking up, it serves a purpose.

If the "E Street Band" stayed together after becomming famous and toured every year, they wouldn't prosper the same as they did in the beginning of their fame. The thrill would diminish. They make a killing when the band reunites and they have a "reunion tour" playing all those OLD songs YOU love so much.

Standard practice.

I mean, "E Street" just toured from '99 until 2003. Four years later, and it's another reunion tour.

Wasn't Tunnel of Love a reunion tour, too?

They have the "front man" go out on his own and his fanatics buy his recycled, remastered, reworked, DVD's, etc.

Many times, other musicians within the band go out solo and so they're raking in the cash on both ends.

But, it's the REUNION tours that reap them the greatest reward.

I think that since Mr. and Mrs. Springsteen allow their adolescent daughter to wear a t-shirt that reads: "I'm a red-headed woman, promoting oral sex; that speaks to oral sex between her parents, Mrs. Springsteen should wear one, too.
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