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Default Re: Systematic Subversion of the Catholic Church; Paedophilia, Satanism, Illuminism

truebeliever wrote:
I dont personally belive Christ will descend from the heavens but if he does we can only wonder what he'd think dressed in dusty robes and worn sandals, on the Catholic Church and current organised religion in general.

As he gazed upon the vast golden encrusted buildings, the man who owned nothing and preached to the downtrodden must be simply shaking his head.

The fact that the bible is so specific on Christs teachings and organised religion so blind indicates to me the depths of depravity reached.

No wonder people are looking elswhere for their spiritual bread...I guess thats always been the plan.

Interesting links.

RUready wrote:
christ will not descend, and I don't blame him.
however, the bible is nothing more than symbology, and it new testament 'main character' very plainly tells you that
I think you misunderstand the message:
its all about LOVE, TRUTH and JUSTICE.
Jesus Christ is love, truth and justice! If he said he'll come, then he will. If you say he wont, then you say that he lies. Jesus is TRUTH and no lie.
it is not blind believing, but a choice: between good and bad, between heaven and hell, between material and spiritual.
People feel that there is SOMEONE, a creator and thats why they seek the spiritual.
It it so a matter of choice. Satan wanted to be like God, so he created himself a kingdom as an opposite to God. God (Jesus) is TRUTH so Satan created lie. God is light, so Satan loves darkness. God is love so Satan created hate.
It is a personal decision, churches are meant to show believers, that they are not alone and they should never lose faith, be always good, never tell a lie, never do any harm to anyone.

But I guess you're right, truebeliever. This has always been the plan.
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