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What a PIG Springsteen is.

A child molester.

When I watch a youtube video of one of his performanes, those are the only words that come from my mouth.

When I see words of adulation written about him, those are the only words that come from my mouth.

That's how I referred to all of them.

Then and NOW!


Filthy, disgusting, pigs.

Those were the words I used to describe them to my PROTECTORS.

Filthy, disgusting pigs.

It was difficult for me to repeat that which they forced upon me.

As you can imagine, it made me embarrassed. It made me feel dirty and disgusting.

Thankfully, MY PROTECTORS were able to wash away the filth. They were adamant in accepting me for the person I was and not that which was perpetrated upon me against my own free will.


You bring tears to my eyes.

If not for you, I don't know if I would still be living, breathing, walking this planet.

You are MEN and WOMEN whom I hold in the utmost of respect.

You saved my life. You saved me from the "satanic cult."

I am approaching 25 years of marriage. I am blessed with three wonderful children and a husband whom GOD descended upon me. A man like no other.

I have fought for my right to be free. I have fought for my right to speak out.

I am here. I have reached that goal.

The time is now.

The man was a PIG then and is a PIG now.


Someone posts a thread about liberals getting on a Continental flight and leaving the US since they don't like it here.

This thread calls for this kind of language:

Why don't you just kill yourself, you pathetic troll. It's better than humilating yourself as you do, the c*nt that you are.

This poster is a male, but is referred to as a c*unt.

Gee, I wonder who those words were really directed to!

GOD BLESS YOU to all those behind the scenes working to this end.

May GOD shine his light upon us!

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