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Default Re: So when do we tell the children?

Thank you, for me it's a bit of divinve inspiration and I thank God.

I would like more parents to be singing it. I sang it outside Buckingham Palace. Outside 10 Downing Street, the Royal Courts of Justice, Trafalgar square outside the canadian embassy.

I sang it outside the CBC radio building, here in Halifax, Nazi Scotia twice and twice they called the cops on me.

Oh Canada, my home and corrupt land

England is no better. It's time to stand up to the devil and chase that bastid out of town.

I have been warned, if I return to CBC building, I willed be banned under "protection of private property act" again. I'm 5'2' and change and petite.

Both times, I stood across the street on the corner of a busy intersection. Downtown heard me, I'm sure. People drove by in their cars and held up their mobile phones so others could here. I picked heavy traffic times of course, when I had a captive audience.

I am such a threat, I guess.

The police are always polite to me, I will always say that. When faced with the truth, they have stood down where they could have been a-holes. We still have some real men around these parts.

Tell me God doesn't protect my bum?

Mary XXX
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