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Default Fire The Grid was Fabulous

Fire The Grid was Fabulous

by Owen Waters

The Fire The Grid event last Tuesday (July 17th) truly was the
light party of the decade. During that one-hour event, hundreds
of thousands of people connected to the human consciousness
grid which surrounds this planet.

Approximately 400,000 humans inter-connected, healing their
connection to the Earth and firing the grid of human
consciousness. To us, it was a deeply moving experience to be
in contact with so many like-minded spiritual people at one

The big surprise, however, was the additional presence of
millions of cetaceans. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so
surprised. After all, dolphins and whales are not only highly
intelligent, they are also fully telepathic and highly skilled
healers. When you stop to think about it, that makes them
perfect for the job of helping us in our efforts to heal the

We will watch out for future events of this nature and keep in
touch with "Fire The Grid" announcements to see what the
organizers come up with next.

The Health Freedom Protection Act

You may remember our April 2007 newsletter entitled, "Speak Up
For Health Freedom." It encouraged American readers to sign a
petition objecting to the Food and Drug Administration's
proposal to effectively block your ability to use health
supplements and to replace them with products from the drug

Congressman Ron Paul has responded with a brilliantly-inspired
law proposal that will restrain the FDA and bring them back
closer to their original mandate of service to the public. If
passed, this law will require them to disprove valid
nutritional research claims before they can ban such claims
from advertising. There are nutritional products in existence
today which have proven track records of curing virtually every
ailment known to mankind. But, under current law, the
manufacturers are barred from telling you this. Ron Paul's
proposed law will curtail such abuse of power.

American voters can support the Health Freedom Protection Act

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