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Who better than Bruce to better foreign relations?

Since Springsteen is a sexual deviant like the rest of them; a product of Freemasonry, MKULTRA/Project Monarch; lends whatever lyrics and music he ACTUALLY has written, whether in an altered state or not; whether composed by an "engineer" or not, he's nothing more than a "useful idiot" and a TOOL for the NWO.

In addition, he has managed to "blind" his fans to the disgusting pig he is as he portrays himself in his lyrics using the "tricks of the trade."

Since he was my past handler/controller while incarcerated in the music industry when a young child and used as a "sex slave" and for other nefarious purposes in MKULTRA/Project Monarch, I'd say there are hundreds if not thousands of common people, of which he is not, who could better foreign relations BETTER!

The man has no business in politics and should not be allowed around children.
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