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Oh, come on!

Bruce Springsteen is NOT the most beloved star in America.

If you think that, well, you've got serious problems.

People who love STARS, musicians in general are usually in an altered state.

You must be!

I'm sure Springsteen LOVES the fact that he sucks/drains the life and love out of all of his followers. Meglomaniac that he is. Sex maniac that he is.

Oh, come on!

The fans want to see Springsteen happy.

Well, certainly, I'm sure his fans have alot of ability in this direction. NOT!

Who cares about Springsteen's mental state of mind? That's his problem.

What casual fan would even care and/or know what his state of mind were?

Only the "brainwashed" followers of THE BOSS would care.

Hey, maybe he's just playing on your emotions like it did on mine!!! Psychologically, emotionally and mentally abusing you!

Yeah, everyday, I'm so emotionally attached to a rock and roll star that I JUST WANT TO SEE HIM HAPPY.

Apparently, you know the MAN ain't happy. You've been living his depressing life with him.

The fans adore him!

Oh, yes!

They adore THE GURU.

That's what it's about when you're brainwashed, live your life through someone elses; and follow them!

On another note, Springsteen should have THOUGHT before he spoke.

Should have thought before he said, "I was married here once," if the words, "what the hell was I thinkin'" are now not to have been directed toward his marriage with Julianne, but what was he thinkin' when he said, "I was married here once," in front of Patti.


Like I said, they deserve each other.

Neither has any class!

The husband sings about sex, sex and more sex. Oral sex, anal sex and his wife stands on stage as he does so!

She allows her daughter to wear a t-shirt that speaks to oral sex between her parents.

Like I said, cut from the same cloth!
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