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At this point, whomever is posting under username TIES, is not TIES.

This was also the case on the OFFICIAL site, occassionally with this one particular poster; but was a method of operation for many of the usernames.

The "hmmmmmmm" is being used by Ties now.

I wrote on this thread, after recalling memory of having been used as a child to sexually blackmail Kerry, that Springsteen's site went down. You could see the threads, but were unable to reply.

TIES is the person who said, "Springsteen is one of us" and he was the only person who could post at the time the site went down.

This was mentioned by other posters when the site came back up.

The style of writing when it is TIES is completely different than when it is not. The dialogue as well.

Ties supposedly works at a WalMart. Is in his 20's, but was the only poster able to access Springsteen's official site during the time it went down?????!!!!!

What happened is that after my recall, I sent an email to HIM since I was cut-off from the site.

Nice, right?

I did not receive an email in response. Ties posted a topic and made a comment that had absolutely nothing to do with what I emailed or my recall, but was in response to same.

They couldn't just cut me off at that point. To much was at stake for them, so I was acknowledged.
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