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Default Re: The Net Cultivates Misdirection & Passivity and Ultimately Obssession With Trivia

Why would you want to change other people?

If you have noticed a change in yourself, is that not enough?

Sorry for the repost and I feel it is my same response to same question by other poster.

"First, I'm no VIP.

Second, I think Rushdoony's posts are a most fascinating read. He has my vote.

Some of us come here to learn and understand better what we have experienced. Some folks here already think they have it already figured so... Some folks think this is a waste of space and time. That is their perogative. Each to their own.

Back to original question.

The schooling system is a big problem for me as I have three children. The racist police are a big problem as I have three children. A lot of this crap that is NWO directly effects us little folks on a community level.

If I hadn't come here, I'd still believe the fossil fuel theory. Capiche? This site is a huge reference library of info and people's experiences, for myself, so whoever wants to knock it, can. I think this is a valuable place to spend some time and learn about whatever.

Sure it can become a distraction and a diversion. This forum can also be quite entertaining.

Better CC than the goggle box, though!
My two cents."
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