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Default Re: The Net Cultivates Misdirection & Passivity and Ultimately Obssession With Trivia

Draken: your contributions have been welcome. And in the time you devoted to it, that is not lost to those reading this site, even if you feel it has not produced an effect you wanted.

Yes the site could 'work' better, I had a post suggesting more headings for example. I am not going to slog through every general post with a vague title.

your quote: "I see people on this site discarding valuable truths every day." Sure, but that's our choice, and our abilities, and where we are in our search etc. We can't all be in the same place at the same time. I'm guessing for many of us, visiting here is a temporary obsession.

I'm not so sure the 'net is inherrantly a waste of time any more than reading a book is. It's what you choose to read etc. Some of us need to learn, some of us need to rant or argue, or preach. Good luck to you and visit when you've got something people might be interested in (whoever is hear to see it)
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