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Default Re: It Depends On What Kind Of Stuff You Are Smoking


It is not valid to compare a closed system with an open system. A valid comparison would have the passengers outside standing on the planes wings with their feet super-glued to the planes structure, while smoking a cigarette. The smoke ( like the Earths atmosphere ) would be left behind
just like the Earths atmosphere would be left behind if it were really orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph and orbiting the milky way at 500,000+ mph.

Also I should not have brought gravity into this discussion because it is not relevant to the lateral position of the copter in relation to the Earth. Gravity just prevents the copter from gaining lots of altitude while hovering over New York or , if the Earth were rotating, on its trip to Los Angeles. The copters upward thrust would neutralise the downward pull of gravity so it would be stationary at a fixed distance, say enough to clear any mountains, above the Earth. We are just debating about the rotation or non-rotation of the Earth.

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