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Default Re: To the Administration

BlueAngel wrote:
Unless the disgusting pictures that were posted on various threads on this site are to serve some legitimate purpose, is it not possible for you to remove them?

They are quite distasteful.

Thank you,
that's a good notation BA, I suspect the administrator (Makow) is either...

1. A hard core libertarian, who believes in absolute free speech (regardless of the filth)

2. On vacation somewhere.

3. does'nt care about the upkeep of this site anymore.

4. probably does'nt know how to remove the filth from this site.

5. or has just given up on cleaning this site up, as not much traffic passes by here anymore.

In my opinion, if this were my website, I would not waste a day thinking about whether erasing those filthy pics, they'd be gone in a second.

and I would pay some IT person (internet geek, cost of about 100 dollars) to clean and fix this website so no-one could post any pics anymore, at least without some filter if possible, are you reading this Makow? you have thousands of readers who like your website, who often stray here, what would they think?

Hint-Hint it! :-?
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