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Default Re: The ultimate NWO conspiracy against the men and women of this planet

Let's see, you don't personally know me, RedRat, but you profess that I am Jewish. The only knowledge you may possess about me is what I've written about mind control/MKULTRA/Project Monarch and my incarceration in the music industry as a "sex slave." Bruce Springsteen being my main handler who farmed me out/shared me with other musicians.

Or, my opinions about the NWO, etc.

Are these the lies you say I believe?

If they are, then I would say you are not what you represent yourself to be on this site. One who is not aligned with the NWO but against it.

This is MY personal recollection of MY victimization as a mind control survivor.

These are not lies told to me by anyone and to think that I would believe for one minute I am lying to myself is ridiculous.

If Bruce Springsteen is not GUILTY of the charges I have brought forward against him on these pages then why has he not sued me for SLANDER?

If BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN was the person who rescued me from the CULT, why then has he not come forward?

Suffice it to say, RedRat, you lied when you said you were Bruce Springsteen.

You lied when you said I was Jewish.

So, how could you possibly know the truth or want the truth when you have revealed yourself to be a LIAR.

Someone who cannot be trusted.

My username on Springsteen's official site was Liars??

How appropriate! Wouldn't you agree?
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