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Default Re: Systematic Subversion of the Catholic Church; Paedophilia, Satanism, Illuminism

Undoubtedly the Bible is filled with contradiction but also of simple truth.

Christ himself cried on the cross..."lord my lord why have you foresaken me"?

If he's God then why the cry...but thats missing the point.

People are willing to believe automatically much older texts that fail to come close to the levels used to assess authenticity of a given ancient text.

Take the writings of Horoditus and accounts of the Gailic wars...much older yet people dont question them.

The New Testament passes with flying colours on the points of time between the event and first writing, number of copies made and the time between copies.

I disagree that the bible is simple metaphor or that it should be taken literally.

For me, at the very least, it tells the tale of a man willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for truth.

Hav'nt we all felt nailed to a cross for standing up for truth, for our beliefs and convictions? I was forced out of a well paying job because I would not sit back and lie and decieve.

What of the man who refused to be thumb scanned for work and lost his job? He stood up and was, in his own small way, crucified.

Christ promises that if we stand up for truth we will rise again from the inevitable ashes. We will be reborn if we will suffer our fate willingly and consciously. This is no easy task. Just as the long 12 hours of Christs inhuman suffering was endured as an example to us all.

That is why I loved Gibsons effort. I did'nt want a 'new' angle on the New Testament...i wanted to see what Christ suffered...what he endured for truth.

The Churches are dead. The Gods have left the temple and will never return.

It is time for a personal relationship with God. Going to Church and saying a few Hail Mary's will no longer suffice. God wants fighters for truth who are willing to lay it down. There is your humble offering to God.

Church has become nothing more than a servant of the State...of Lucifer...keeping people passive and singing a few songs in a little club called the local church.

Where was is the Church now as the Police State descends???????????????????

Where are the priests out in the street preaching of the crimes of the State? Urging the people to fight for truth and justice?

They make me sick.

May the Almighty smite every one of these disgusting nest of vipers into dust.

He can start with the Catholic Church and simply move right on down the line.

Brendon O'Connell.
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