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Default Re: Paying For Our Own Destruction

KennyWally wrote:
" Ron Paul sounds like the guy for our country. The only problem is: Will they let him win? "

yes he is. [ but he can't do it alone. he'd be up against a congress full of wolves in sheeps clothing, who have assisted stabbing us in the back for many many years]

and not bloody likely.
There is always HOPE, It depends in everyones determination to seek it, and not give up, the people of the old Soviet Union were brought to their knees by the (jewish commies, ie, Bolshevics) this ended up in over 60 million dead innocents.

However, now as I read on the internet of Russia nowadays, it seems there is plenty of ("anti-semitism, Jewish Hatred")and for good reason, Russia will never get back to it's former greatness, but I find it interesting that the Bible says GOG or MAGOG will annhilate the JEW state Israel in Hellfire (Nuclear Horror) payback ia a bitch.

let's just hope America will not go down that road like Russia. although annhilating Israel sounds good. :-o
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