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Default Re: Vermont Secession Movement

I love that someone else noticed this. most uniformed people think it's a joke. people just laugh, say it'll never happen...and they NEVER ASK WHY! you'd think they'd wanna know, right?

the american free press has been covering this story, exactly like the mainstream newz outlets should be, but aren't [ well we know why ]

I believe it was in the fall when I heard about the first meeting the town had and I was cheering them on. then I heard about an odd rockslide in that very same town a cpl months later . [ and I don't believe in coincidences ]

I think wyoming may have a similar movement as well.
[ I'm not positive tho. I know they had a real currency movement going trying to get businesses on board ]
however ,I'm thinking we may have an "incident" prior to anything of substance taking hold and interrupting the process. which will be a very very sad day.
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