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Default Re: Paying For Our Own Destruction

KennyWally wrote:
"were brought to their knees by the (jewish commies, ie, Bolshevics) this ended up in over 60 million dead innocents."

yeah , but WHO was behind them? that was not a self generating movement within that group. someone was feeding the fire.

" Russia will never get back to it's former greatness " yeah , but do you know why? because they've been infiltrated! [ do you know by whom? ] the same infiltration is responsible for many things around the globe. the commies are still in power in russia, they put a coat of paint over it, called it something else, renounced communism , with the SAME PEOPLE in office !!!!! lmao, what a freaking bold faced joke/lie! they have a freaking KGB agent in did we[ cia ]...maybe we still do!!!!!eh?

and as far as the "jews " getting theirs! I think they, like many others, are being used. and what you see, is not necessarily what you get.

don't forget "bubba" clinton, helped keep the war going with U.S, Dollars to the PLO

don't over look that

in fact, if it weren't for U.S. dollars, most wars would have died long b4 they even "got legs".

"the best enemy money can buy" by anthony sutton

free here;
I totally disagree, the "protocols" of the learned ones disputes what you say, however there is no disagreement as far as "behind the scene money-men" there has always been people (rich ones at that) who have supported genocides and wars behind the scenes, whether Jewish or not, But as the unfolding record shows it's Zionist Jews who seek to enslave humanity, under the false pretense of Christian/Zionisn. In other words hijacking Christainity and using it to usher in the Jewish Anti-christ.
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