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Default Re: To the Administration

KennyWally wrote:
since there is some dialog here

out of the 1400 members how may are active? [ 12 maybe ? ] just a guess.

sounds like I missed alot of history here.

and I was annoyed by the excessive vulgar pix as well, but

I thought a limit of 1 pic would make their point, even if the poster was just being an obnoxious turd.
It depends on your definition of active.
If you mean posting 24/7/365 like over at Springsteen's unofficial site where, apparently, those cretins don't have meaningful employment, that's not what this forum is about. This is more of a place to post information and not so much of a place where people CHAT 24/7/365 like over at

Don't know why you think you missed out on something such as history here with the amount of members, but you haven't. Like I said, it's not a lovefest, or a place to bond. It's a place to post knowledge/intelligence; exchange ideas and information about the NWO, conspiracies, etc.

So, what point do you think the poster who posted the pictures was trying to make?
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