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Default Re: Paying For Our Own Destruction


I don't see where I called Jesus a liar, I do however see where you assumed the protocols are legit original jew and that's where we disagree.

I do understand the protocols are unfolding AND that some jews are players. but the players are pawns! it doesn't mean that all jews are of the synagogue of satan.

I don't think we are that much in disagreement here.
My understanding is that the pharisees and saducees were fakes who performed black magic witchcraft. they could perform their own kinds of "miracles" that they got from the fallen angels.

I don't think that Jesus condemned all of the jews tho , but pointed to the hypocrites and the liars. the talmud, yeah, mans law not Gods law, and those men were liars and hypocrites and manipulators who wanted the power and the glory for themselves.

again, Jesus did not condemn all the jews. just the ones who said they were, but were not!
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