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Default Re: Unknown ancient(sacred)geometry

It is sacred alright, sacred to satan!

MOST the religions prior to Christianity [ those who are in the body of Christ ] are fabrications of queen semiramis.

when her husband nimrod was cut up into pieces for idolatry. semiramis and her "priests" escaped and poisoned most of the known world with her fabrications of many different religions. queen semiramis is THE original, "pandoras box". she opened up the miseries of the world by her injecting her inventions of fake religions [ really satanism ] in to it!

she had to have been a great conduit for the demons.
demons/fallen angels , who stole some of the secrets of heaven, [ the secrets they have, make it appear as they are powerful and truly know something,but they are just frauds. that is all satan has as a weapon. frauds disguised as"truth" ] it is written in the book of enoch. it is also confirmed that the jinn of the quran are also the same beings, who also stole secrets of heaven. hence , jinns and demons are the same fallen angels of the Bible.

this is what we are up against, frauds [ so called secret societies/ancient knowledge ] perpetrating "ancient secrets" as "truth" ! [ but in reality, lies/frauds/deceptions! ]

I wish I had more time to expand , but I must move on.
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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