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Default Re: The man is innocent...

BlueAngel wrote:
North America
Dog fighting is illegal in all North American countries.

According to a study by the College of Law of the Michigan State University published in 2005, in the United States, dog fighting was once completely legal and was sanctioned and promoted during the colonial period (1600s through 1776) and continuing through the Victorian era in the late 19th century. However, by the early twentieth century, the brutality inherent in dog fighting was no longer tolerated by American society. It has become increasingly outlawed, a trend which has continued into the 21st century.[3]

As of 2007, dog fighting is a felony in 48 states and a misdemeanor in Idaho and Wyoming. In most states, it is against the law to even attend a dog fighting event, regardless of direct participation. According to authorities, dog fighting is increasingly practiced by gangs, and is linked to other unlawful activities, such as gambling.[4]

Despite legality issues, dogs are still commonly used for fighting purposes all across the continent. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the most popular breed used for fighting, but foreign breeds, such as the Dogo Argentino (used widely in South America) and Presa Canario (used in Spain) are also gaining popularity.


Spectators and owners who participate in this BLOOD sport apparently have no problem onlooking while two dogs rip and tear at each other's flesh until death.

Speaks volumes about their "psychological" state of mind.

Don't you think?

BA, you keep writing about "everyone else's state of mind" I'll say this, Is dog fighting any worse than Boxing? think about it?
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