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Default Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?

I agree beer is not bad or evil.. But say what you will.. I still like the buzz... and it is an ancient remedy for sleeplessness.. If you take any pills for any reason.. You are as guilty or more than I am.. My vices are coffee in the morning and less than a six-pack at night... And if I smoke some pot now and then it beats going to a shrink.. Tell me I'm wrong.. My vices and "medicines" come to less than $5 per day... and I enjoy my life... So go ahead and yell at me all you do gooders.. I am 60 years old and I don't care... (Wait until you get to be 60 and you will see what I mean).. This is my life, and I am having a good time.. And if you think it is selfish for me to have a good time.. Get a life... Or go into a cave somewhere and spend your life in prayer for whatever God you chose..

But don't bug me with condemnation for wanting to slurp on something that is the very foundation of civilization itself.

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