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Default Re: The man is innocent...

Barbara wrote:
IMHO, dog fighting and cock fighting are two of the most despicable pseudo "sports" imaginable, and yes, Blue Angel is correct about dog fighting, but both of these "blood sports" are illegal.

This was never an issue until the uncivilized savages from south of the border started pouring in, bringing their "culture" with them. Other "resident aliens" like Vik have picked up on it as a form of gambling.

I guess in Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, etc., they eat the losers. Sounds about right to me.

Personally, I wish that a conviction on either of these two charges carried the death penalty so I could volunteer to (1) drop the pellets, (2) insert the needle or (3) light up the night with "old sparky."

In a perfect world they would either throw the convicted in with pit bulls or with roosters with 6" steel spurs

Vik, being black and a big sports figure, will get no more than a nominal "slap on the wrist," but I can dream.

Think about this, If you were on a jury, would you find him guilty of yet another victimless crime? Do you realize how many of those type crimes are out there? and the amount of jail-space taken for such 'crimes' of course it is barbaric to fight dogs to the death, but I see no crime here, I would find him not guilty, however bad that may seem, no-person was victimized other than the schmucks who probably lost money in the betting. even American Natural Law clearly states that unless you don't have a victim, then there is no crime committed, animals don't count as people, although the humanist/communist atheists of the NWO would love that, this is a stupid behavior mistake, nothing more, nothing less.

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