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Default Re: E. M. House... "Crown" paymaster for Wilson administration

Yes, Washington, D.C. is a corporation. They have a President, Vice President, Board of Directors, (Senate), etc., etc. They are the corporate rulers of BIG BUSINESS, oil companies, etc. Smaller companies start out on the stock market. The banksters debut them. They make a fortune when they go public and then the buy-outs, take-overs and mergers occur keeping the wealth/ownership in the elitist family.

The pay-off/buy-out to the original founder of companies such as Broadcom, etc., is atronomical in the form of the type of shares that they owned and the dollar amount paid before the stock soars.

As far as keeping the colonies under the British Empire and British rule and the men who felt the need for a king, I would agree that America is ruled by the British Empire which encompasses a King/Queen heirarchy.

However, this cannot openly exist in America. The separation never occured. It just transferred itself to a chunk of land.

Whether we are controlled by the British Monarchy, or we are ruled by a DYNASTY, whether a succession of powerful people from the same families (i.e., Bush, Sr, Bush Jr., Bill Clinton and quite possibly Hilary Clinton next); the fact is that the people have never had the power. The Congress doesn't work for us. They work for the Illuminati/BIG BUSINESS, which is owned, operated and controlled by them.
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