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Default Re: Gas in Australian Airport

truebeliever wrote:
His article is reasonable.

Certainly it was handled very strangely.

I was visited by the State Security Service for asking why they put flouride in the water.

And yet they had to be pushed into evacuating.

Very strange.

Given Oz will be one of the NWO headquaters in the last gasp of the lock down I guess it inevitable they try to intimidate the public.

They will be brave indeed if they try to pull off any funny business down under.

Steve Irwin is waiting with an army of highly trained crocodiles.

An awful lot of Israeli's moving down under. Coming in droves....hmmmmm....Israeli priminister visiting...Prince Charles visiting....Princess of Netherlands visiting...hmmmm...Brendon gazing at his navel...hmmmmmm...alot of dots which i'm sure connect....over to you Joe...
Interesting..... if you read over Joe's site, he's says much the same thing (about Zionists planning a "retreat" to Australia, as it were..)

Scary that you were visited by the government just for asking about fluoride! :-o
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