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Default Re: Suspicuos Bridge Collapse...

Another "scare tactic" involving deaths on a smaller scale than New Orleans (remember there were witnesses who heard explosions near the levee) without pointing the finger at their terrorist organization; Al Qaeda.

I think the New Orleans disaster; catastrophe and Bush's refusal to intervene allowing people to die in the aftermath; although they knew people would die during if bombs were the reason for the levee breaks; was a kind of in your face, you are HELPLESS without us!

That is what I'm referring to when I say a "scare tactic" was used.

The hurricane, the levee break, if conducted by THEM, was a "large scale" operation to destroy cities, displace hundreds of "less fortunate" and rebuild to their liking.

I believe it was also a trial run at Marshall Law. Certainly BUSH allowed the City of New Orleans to go without assistance for reason.

Army Corps of Engineers; and/or a construction/engineering contract paid for by the taxpayers and awarded to one of the companies they own and operate.

Either or!

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