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Default Re: Suspicuos Bridge Collapse...

First of all, it was reported yesterday in an AP story on the internet via YAHOO headlines that the bridge was in the midst of repairs.


The White House said an inspection of the 40-year-old bridge in 2005 found problems. The Interstate 35W span rated 50 on a scale of 100 for structural stability and was classified as "structurally deficient," transportation officials said.

In 2005 they found problems. It rated 50 on a scale of 100 for structural stability and TWO YEARS LATER a continued decline in structural stability. What would it have rated two years later; almost three years later?

The designation means some portions of the bridge needed to be scheduled for repair or replacement. "It didn't mean that the bridge is unsafe," Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said.

The designation meant that some portions of the bridge needed to be scheduled for repair or replacement in 2005. It is almost 2008. There years later. How could the rating mean it wasn't unsafe. STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT in 2005 and now it's almost three years later.

Earlier, at the White House, press secretary Tony Snow said while the inspection didn't indicate the bridge was at risk of failing, "If an inspection report identifies deficiencies, the state is responsible for taking corrective actions."

It was stated yesterday in a news story by the AP that the Governor said the bridge was in the midst of repairs.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Thursday ordered an immediate inspection of all bridges in the state with similar designs, but said the state was never warned that the bridge needed to be closed or immediately repaired. Another inspection was scheduled for completion in September, and state officials said it has been inspected yearly since 1993.

Now, he's saying that the state was never warned. Well, if a report was issued, who received it? The bridge was deemed 50 on a scale of 100 and was SCHEDULED for another inspection in September. I guess that doesn't matter now. What's the point in inspecting, providing a report that it is structurally deficient almost three years ago, if you're not going to repair and only continue to inspect it every year as it declines further?

"There was no call by anyone that we're aware of that said it should be immediately closed or immediately replaced," Pawlenty said. "It was more of a monitor, inspect, maintain, and potentially replace it in the future."

Maintain it? How can you maintain a bridge that is STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT? Let it decline to the point of collapse while people are driving over it and then replace it in the future!!!! Notice he doesn't mention repair it. Just, monitor as the deficiencies worsen, inspect, and maintain.

Replace it in the future after it collapses. As it did!!
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