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Default Exposing Iran-Contra

I'm going to start posting a series of threads here, trying to unravel the bowl of spaghetti that is Iran -Contra.. this is important, not just to see that justice is served, but also since key members of the current administration (George Jr, Porter Goss and John Negroponte) were known to play a huge role in the whole affair.. and exposing their crimes then will help serve justice today.

For starters, yes, the whole Bush family was involved. Loosely speaking:

George Sr: oil and gas fraud;
George Jr: insurance fraud (AIG);
Jeb: real estate fraud;
Neil: banking and securities fraud;

In this first post I'm going to try to start unraveling the whole BCCI thing, and how it was involved in Iran Contra (Gordian Knot that BCCI is)..

In 1977, a Chinese agent (Mochtar Riady) arrived in Arkansas (can you say Rockefeller, Clinton?) He's an ethnic Chinese living in Indonesia, and actually made his first fortune running guns and drugs in the East Indies before WWII.

He meets up w/ Arkansas billionaire Jackson Stephens (can you say Rockefeller, Clinton?) who helps Riady purchase a 30% stake in the National Bank of Georgia (this during the Carter administration). A man named Burt Lance helped facilitate this transaction.

At the same time, Stephens also brokered the arrival to this country of BCCI, and steered its founder (Hassan Abedi) also to Burt Lance. Later on, Riady backs out of the deal and the BCCI front man buys his shares. James Riady, Mochtar's son, was taken on as an intern by Stephens, and would later work closely w/ Bill Clinton.

This information was reported in the Washington Post, 10/20/96 by Susan Schmidt and Michael Weisskopf..

More coming soon..

anyone who has more info about Iran-Contra is welcome to contribute. Al Martin is a great source for this data...

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